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CFR Executive: Call for Faculty Representatives

CFR Executive: Call for Faculty Representatives

The CFR is calling for three faculty representatives on the Executive.

The Executive plays an important role in the CFR and this year is an especially important year, since we will be re-chartering (which decides whether the CFR will continue to exist or be closed). There is a search for a new Director for a five year term beginning July 1, 2024 (if the CFR charter is renewed).

Executive terms are normally for 24 months. Among the responsibilities of the Executive are:

· reviewing the financial situation of CFR

· reviewing decisions and actions of the Director

· making membership decisions according to Section B

· developing criteria for the assignment of office space and the allocation of CFR resources

· approving the annual report

· setting the agenda for the annual meeting of the CFR Council

· making a report to the CFR Council of executive and directorial decisions and actions

· electing two members to the search committee, when there is a search for a new Director

The Executive meets at least once a month in the fall and winter terms and when necessary in the summer term. Its meetings are called by the Director, but it may also be convened by a majority of the Executive Committee and it may be required to meet by the Council.

Appointments will be by guided by considerations of equity, particularly to promote representation along lines of gender, class, race, status, ability, gender and sexual orientation. Attempts will be made to appoint scholars from diverse faculties.

Please send your expression of interest to CFR Coordinator Mickel A. Allen at with:

-one paragraph explaining your interest in the executive position at the CFR and your prior experience with the Centre for Feminist Research, if any

-your Curriculum Vitae

Nominations will be accepted until Tuesday, November 7th at midnight.