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Eunice Choi

Eunice Choi

Graduate Research Assistant, Planetary Health

Graduate Student Scholar

Eunice Choi holds an MPH degree from Western University and a BSc. in Applied Animal Biology from the University of British Columbia. In 2018, she completed a practicum for the Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru (India). She maintains a supportive role with Karuna Trust (Bangalore, India), developing Medicines and Therapeutic Committees for Participatory Antimicrobial Resistance Stewardship. The project takes place at the organization’s 26 primary health centers. Eunice is also part of an engagement led by the Karnataka State Pharmacy Council to address contextually-specific public health challenges caused by intensifying antimicrobial resistance.

In Toronto, Eunice engages in climate action through the Amplify project, which promotes dialogue and action between youth leaders from across Canada and Europe. At the Dahdaleh Institute, she supports Modelling the Health Impacts of Climate Change in Malawi and Modelling the Health Impacts of Climate and Salinity Changes in Bangladesh. She also assists in the development of a transdisciplinary strategy for planetary health and environmental research.

Eunice is passionate about integrating knowledge and practices of physical and social sciences to understand interactions between human health and the natural systems on which it depends. Taking a systems approach, her research focuses on identifying routes of human exposure to antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria within and beyond the clinical setting.


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