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Update – Advancing Solutions that Foster Care during Times of Crises

Update – Advancing Solutions that Foster Care during Times of Crises


Published on November 23, 2023

Dahdaleh Banting Postdoctoral Fellow Chiara Camponeschi shared insights from her research, “Turning Moments of Crisis into Moments of Care, on NPR's Academic Minute, a radio program and podcast that features the work of experts from top international research institutions.

During times of crisis, it is common for institutions and political forces to pursue policies of enclosure and austerity. For individuals, it is just as common to succumb to feelings of stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. In the episode, Camponeschi explains why an ‘integrative’ approach to resilience helps advance solutions that promote the health of systems and communities while fostering more equitable outcomes on the ground.  She states, “The [integrative] model is distinguished by three key components: a ‘bioecological’ understanding of vulnerability, a ‘trauma-informed’ orientation to policy and service design, and a ‘healing justice’ approach to systems change.”

Camponeschi’s work is animated by the belief that crises present us with the opportunity to inspire new visions and stimulate solidarity. She leverages this untapped creative potential to advance solutions that foster care and collaboration across sectors, disciplines, and communities. One example is that of Iron & Earth, a worker-led cooperative that brings the integrative resilience approach to life in the Canadian oil sands. Through a series of people-led climate interventions, the organization counters environmental racism while promoting dialogue and reconciliation. Their work brings to life the importance of designing and investing in what Camponeschi calls ‘infrastructures of care’, “those systems and programs that most support a thriving, healthy, and equitable society at all times — not just during a crisis.”

Read more and listen to the full episode here

Chiara Camponeschi, York University – Turning Moments of Crisis into Moments of Care. The Academic Minute. (2023, October 27). 


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Chiara Camponeschi, Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Environmental Health Active

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