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Event Administrator Responsibilities

Event administrators are responsible for:

  • Providing the required information to Treasury
  • Setting up the event on Eventbrite (only one access person can be set-up using this application)
  • Observing University revenue collection practices, including recording HST payable on the event
  • Any issues with the platform need to resolved between the event administrator and Eventbrite


  • DO use a University authorized provider for University-sponsored events handling
  • DO follow these guidelines or contact Treasury for support and approvals if Eventbrite or other options are under consideration
  • DO provide Treasury with initial information as requested below
  • DO coordinate with your Executive Officer/Director/Financial Officer and General Accounting/Finance Dept. for collecting and depositing amounts to a specified account and cost centre
  • DO use an authorized application that is PCI DSS* compliant.  Using a non PCI DSS compliant application exposes the University to the risk of fraud. Choosing a PCI DSS compliant provider is required.


  • DO NOT use PayPal** or other unauthorized revenue handling appalications - there are specific risks and no controls. PayPal is not authorized.
  • DO NOT use an external service provider for collecting credit card revenues without first arranging for consultation, review and approval by Treasury.

The PayPal service is not used by York University. PayPal‚Äôs service proposition is based on individuals accepting payments from other individuals. University events should never be handled in conjunction with a PayPal account as this would signal an individual was accepting revenues on behalf of the University which would constitute a breach of financial controls. There is risk of potential compromise to the individual or the event, or both, due to a lack of required transparency and use of an unauthorized account.