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Spending Research Dollars

Expenditures charged to research grants and contracts are to comply with University policies, unless the granting agency guidelines impose greater restrictions. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) and any delegate(s) to ensure that all expenditures applied against the research grant or contract are approved/eligible purchases and conform to University and agency guidelines.

Should a conflict occur between the agency's policy and the University policy, the stricter of the two policies will guide the process, unless written authorization from the agency is obtained.

Engaging External Consultants/Contractors

In order to ensure compliance and perform the correct acquisition process, community members are urged to contact Dexter King, Director, Procurement Services at ext. 30534 or via e-mail at

Helpful Quick Links for Spending Research Dollars

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Tri-Agency Eligible Expenses while on Sabbatical/
Research Leave

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Overspent Research Funds

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