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Travelling by Air

Travel while on University business by employees, students and visitors is to be paid by the traveller and reimbursed by submitting a Claim for Reimbursement. Travel costs should not be billed directly to the University.

Arranging Travel

Employees shall be reimbursed for the most direct and economical mode of travel available, considering all circumstances. Travellers are required to obtain quotes for the direct cost of travel if stopovers or extensions are being incurred for personal reasons.


The University‚Äôs policy requires that the lowest available airfare must be selected, after considering all the circumstances. This policy aligns with Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) rules which require travelers to select the lowest airfare available. Any deviation from this policy (for example, choosing Air Canada or WestJet Flex, Latitude or Plus offerings or similar medium and premium priced economy) must be documented as noted below.

For example, in booking with Air Canada or WestJet, the policy requires the traveler to book with Tango or Econo.

It is strongly recommended that travelers reserve their air travel at least 14 days in advance, to take advantage of lower priced fares, which typically become increasingly unavailable closer to the departure date.

Booking a Higher Class of Fare?

If a traveler is booking a higher class of fare, the following is required.

Air Canada Flex, WestJet Flex, or other medium priced economyJustifiable reason for not booking lowest available fare must be included in claim for reimbursement. (e.g. Tango/Econo not available for the desired departure times)
Air Canada Latitude, WestJet Plus, or other premium priced economyPre approval from the one over one (chair, dean, etc.) must be included in the claim for reimbursement.

Documentation evidencing that a lower priced airfare was not available at the time of booking, or justifiable reason for not booking lowest available fare must be included in the claim.

Business Class Travel

Business class transportation will be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances, shall be supported by a detailed explanation (such as for medical reasons), and requires the following:

  • written pre-approval by a Vice-President (or where the claimant is a Vice-President or a President, by the person to whom the claimant reports)*;
  • when required for medical reasons, the claimant to have on file with the University's Wellness Office, Department of Human Resources, a doctor's note* confirming that a medical accommodation is necessary; and
  • when claiming on external research funds, written pre-approval by the granting agency*, if required.

* Pre-approval from the Vice-President (or higher) and the granting agency (if applicable) must be attached to the expense claim. Medical notes should not be attached to the expense claim.