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Travelling on University Business

York University will reimburse its employees for reasonable expenses incurred by them on behalf of the University or, in the course of University academic or administrative business. Employees will be reimbursed for the most direct and economical mode of travel available, considering all circumstances. It should be noted that employees will not be reimbursed for additional costs incurred for indirect routes or stopovers taken for personal reasons.

Tips for Planning Travel

Prior to travel you should:

  • Review the policies and procedures for information on allowable travel expenses and tax considerations:
  • Confirm the source of funding for your travel.
  • Identify any restrictions and required supporting documentation that relate to the source of funds (i.e. grant/contract restrictions).
  • Obtain all required approvals (e.g. travel, hospitality, policy deviations).
  • Where possible, make arrangement in advance to capitalize on advantageous rates.
  • For travel outside of Canada:
    • acquire necessary travel documents (e.g. visas)
    • contact the Pension & Benefits Office (HR) for travel and medical coverage provided through the University benefit plans

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