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Tri-Agency Eligible Expenses while on Sabbatical/Research Leave

In determining which expenses related to a sabbatical/research leave are eligible to be reimbursed, it is advisable to confer with Research Accounting. Generally speaking, in order for travel related expenses to be eligible for reimbursement against a Tri-Agency grant, the destination must be directly related to the conduct of the research, the location must be integral to the research, and the length of stay at the location must be commensurate and reasonable in relation to the research being conducted.

As detailed in the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide, eligible expenses include:

  • Direct research expenses, including research assistance, bench fees and field work expenses, including travel and accommodations, when supported by appropriate documentation
  • Costs related to a vehicle necessary for field work (with prior institutional approval; the vehicle must be licensed and insured during the sabbatical period)
  • Transportation costs to move research equipment or material to and from the sabbatical location
  • Travel costs to attend conferences
  • The costs of travel between the home institution and the sabbatical location, limited to one return trip ticket, except in unusual circumstances (NSERC and CIHR only).

Living expenses (subsistence and accommodation) incurred on sabbatical/research leave are not eligible.