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Travelling Using Research Funds

Travel Advances

Travelers may request cash advances to cover out-of-pocket expenses relating to travel, including payments for airfare, hotels, car rental and/or conference registration. A request for cash advance is submitted through Concur, the University automated travel and expense system. To access Concur all you need is your Passport York username and password. Cash advance requests should be submitted to Finance no less than seven (7) days prior to the date when the funds are needed. It is the responsibility of the travelers to clear advances within 14 days of their return by submitting an expense claim through Concur.

The University reserves the right to withhold future advances until all outstanding travel advances have been accounted for. Accountable advances may not be issued against a Senior Professional Expense Reimbursement.

Concur Travel & Expense Corporate Credit Card

The Travel Visa® Card is a charge card administered by York University (the “University”) and available to eligible faculty and staff who incur travel or related expenses, on behalf of the University. For detailed information on the Travel Visa® Card visit the Procurement Services Travel Visa® Card website.

Card Benefits include:

  • auto rental collision/loss damage insurance
  • flight delay insurance
  • emergency purchases insurance (for baggage loss/delay)
  • hotel/motel burglary insurance
  • travel accident insurance

For additional helpful resources visit the How to Services - Travelling on University Business webpage.

Getting Reimbursed

Concur Expense, York's University online automated expense reporting system let's you submit expense claims and cash advance requests electronically, eliminating the manual paper based process. Once your claim has been submitted, reviewed and approved payment will be deposited directly to your bank account.


Faculty and staff who submit expense claims in Concur are not required to send their original receipts to Finance however they should be retained for 90 days from the date your claim is approved for payment by the claimant. For information regarding acceptable receipts refer to the Receipt Guidelines for Concur Expense Reports (PDF).

To submit your receipts in Concur

  1. Capture images of your receipts using your smartphone or scanner and store them on your hard drive or the Concur receipt store. Note: Ensure (or verify) quality of image.
  2. Attach receipt images to line items in Concur expense claim
  3. Submit claim electronically for approval and processing

For additional helpful resources visit the How to Services - Getting Reimbursed webpage.

Hospitality Expenses

Hospitality costs (non-alcoholic refreshments or meals) are eligible for networking purposes in the context of formal courtesy between the grantee and guest researchers and research-related activities in the context of assemblies that facilitate and contribute to the achievement of the research objectives (e.g., grantee meeting with partners and stakeholders). Alcohol is never an eligible expense under any circumstance.

For additional helpful resources visit the How to Services - Administering Hospitality Expenses webpage.