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When to Administer a Hospitality Expense

The University acknowledges that hospitality expenses may be incurred when carrying out its educational, research and service activities. These types of expenditures should be appropriate, cost effective, and support the university mission. Hospitality expenses paid from University operating (Fund 200), capital (Fund 700), ancillary (Fund 300) , special purpose (Fund 100) or research funds (Fund 400 and 500) must adhere to the hospitality policy and procedure.


Employees who pay for hospitality and entertainment expenses may request reimbursement pursuant to the Reimbursement of Expense Procedure. Expenditures for large functions should be billed directly to the University.

Claimants must include:

  • a written account of the business purpose
  • date(s) and location(s) of expense
  • number of attendees
  • names and affiliation of the attendees (i.e. guest's home institution/organization and his/her position)

Reimbursement of hospitality expenses are claimed through Concur or by submitting a Claim for Reimbursement of Expenses (PDF) form to Expense Desk, Finance for processing.