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Indoor Dining Health & Safety

We understand that students, faculty, and staff who are on campus need places to eat and drink. In this guide, you will find information on:  

  • Where you can eat or drink on campuses.  
  • General guidelines for eating and drinking on campus, including restaurants, campus eateries, workspace and instructional spaces.  

This guide will evolve as government and/or public health guidance changes.  

Better Community

As a community, we value our commitment to work together to solve problems and we urge you to respect everyone’s choice to continue masking based on comfort levels and health needs. The University continues to encourage community members to wear a mask in indoor spaces, especially where physical distancing is not possible. 

En tant que communauté, nous poursuivons notre engagement à travailler ensemble pour résoudre les problèmes et nous vous demandons instamment de respecter le choix de chaque personne de continuer à porter le masque en fonction de son niveau de confort et de ses besoins de santé. L’Université continue d’encourager les membres de la communauté à porter un masque dans les espaces intérieurs, en particulier lorsqu’il n’est pas possible de garder une certaine distance.

A list of campus restaurants and their hours of operation is available on our Dining Directory

  • Regularly clean or disinfect high touch or shared surfaces.   
  • Wash or disinfect hands before/after eating or drinking.   

Food and drink may be consumed in meeting rooms.  Please be considerate of those who may not wish to participate in eating in a communal setting. 

Information about food at events is available on the TUUS website.

Learn More

To get the most up-to-date York University COVID-19 information & updates, please visit Better Together website.