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Angelo BelCastro


Research Interests

Dr. Angelo Belcastro has been studying the impact of physical activity and fitness on children’s health for over 30 years. His research has allowed him to create an approach called “Guided Active Play” to inspire healthy levels of activity for children and that is used in his KIN KIDS program in local neighborhoods. This program serves several important goals, engaging community collaborators and students, as well as generating data for further research. His main research areas focuses on understanding the ‘dose-response’ interaction underlying children’s physical activity/exercise patterns on the improvements in children’s body composition (fat mass and fat-free mass), muscular strength and power, cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory physiology and fitness, and developmental aspects of fundamental motor skills (FMS) and physical literacy.


Department: School of Kinesiology & Health Sciences
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Published Manuscripts (Select Publications)

Moghaddaszadeh, A., Ahmadi, Y., & Belcastro, A. N. (2017). Children and adolescent physical activity participation and enjoyment during active play. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness57(10), 1375–1381. 

Moghaddaszadeh, A., Jamnik, V., & Belcastro, A. N. (2018). Characteristics of children's physical activity during active play. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness58(4), 369–376.

Belcastro, A.N, Mofidi, D. M., Ahmadi, Y., & Moghaddaszadeh, A. (2015). Correlates of Psychosocial Health-related Quality of Life Measures for Normal Weight and Obese Children Participating in an Active Play Program. J Child Adolesc Behav3(242), 2.

Belcastro, A. N., Morrison, K. S., Hicks, E., & Matta, H. (2012). Cardiorespiratory and metabolic responses associated with children's physical activity during self-paced games. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology90(9), 1269–1276.

Enns, D. L., Raastad, T., Ugelstad, I., & Belcastro, A. N. (2007). Calpain/calpastatin activities and substrate depletion patterns during hindlimb unweighting and reweighting in skeletal muscle. European journal of applied physiology100(4), 445–455.

Enns, D. L., & Belcastro, A. N. (2006). Early activation and redistribution of calpain activity in skeletal muscle during hindlimb unweighting and reweighting. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology84(6), 601–609. 

Enns, D., Karmazyn, M., Mair, J., Lercher, A., Kountchev, J., & Belcastro, A.N (2002). Calpain, calpastatin activities and ratios during myocardial ischemia-reperfusion. Molecular and cellular biochemistry241(1-2), 29-35.

Tiidus, P. M., Zajchowski, S., Enns, D., Holden, D., Bombardier, E., & Belcastro, A. N. (2002). Differential effect of oestrogen on post-exercise cardiac muscle myeloperoxidase and calpain activities in female rats. Acta physiologica Scandinavica174(2), 131–136.

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Frangolias, D. D., Rhodes, E. C., Taunton, J. E., & Belcastro, A. N. (2000). Metabolic responses to prolonged work during treadmill and water immersion running. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport3(4), 476-492.