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Graduate Students Symposium

2024 Events

May, 8th, 2024 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium


This event provides an opportunity for community building and support for our graduate students. Based on feedback from our LaMarsh students, we have partnered with Unsinkable to develop a seminar focused on stress management and mental health. For more information about Unsinkable visit

Date: Wednesday May, 8th

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location: 305 York Lanes


10:00 am - 10:15 am – Welcome and updates from LaMarsh

10:15 am - 11:45 am – Interactive workshop led by Unsinkable

11:45 am - 1:00 pm – Round table lunch for faculty and students

Although the graduate seminar is tailored to students, it is an important community-building event for LaMarsh and we encourage faculty members to attend.

Please RSVP via the outlook calendar invitation or email

2021 Events

June, 2021 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium

Coordinated by LaMarsh Leadership Award recipients: Annie Mills, Benjamin Diplock, and Samantha Chan

LaMarsh Speakers:

  • Dr. Nazilla Khanlou: “Mental health support for racialized women at risk of gender-based violence during Covid-19 pandemic”
  • Dr. Vivian Lee: “The impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the mental health and well-being of families and caregivers of autistic youth”
  • Dr. Heather Prime: “5 tips for surviving (and thriving) in graduate school”

Graduate Student Presentations:

  • Nisha Vashi: “Associations Between Transdiagnostic Symptoms and Parent-Child Relationship Quality in Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities”
  • Meaghan Hall: “Fluoride exposure and hypothyroidism in a Canadian pregnancy cohort”
  • Khadija Bint Misbah: “Examining the influence of spousal and social supports on parenting stress in a Syrian refugee population”
  • Katerina Dismino: “Physical activity support behaviours among parents of children with intellectual disabilities: Evaluating an online messaging intervention”
  • Kathryn Pierce: “Qualitative Study of Mechanisms of Change in School-Based Day Treatment for Children in Kindergarten and Grade 1”
  • Megis Oskalns: “A Two-Eyed Approach to Evaluating an e-Intervention for Inuit Youth Using an Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Framework”
  • Jenna Barnhardt: “I-SPARX: Development of Intervention Strategies for Indigenous Youth”
  • Marette Abdelmaseh: “Making I-SPARX Fly In Nunavut: A mixed-method investigation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Inuit Youth”
  • Teresa Sellitto: “What Aspects of Sport Participation are Related to Thriving Among Youth with Intellectual Disability?”
  • Flora Roudbarani: “Parent Perspectives on the Shift to Remote Delivery of CBT in Response to COVID-19”
  • Bianca Bondi: “Maternal and Adolescent Mental Health and Family Stress During COVID-19: The Role of Attachment”

2019 Events

June, 2019 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium

June, 2019 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium: "Innovative Research Methodologies: Enhancing well-being of children and youth, their families and communities."  Coordinated by LaMarsh Leadership Award recipients:  Bianca Bondi, Attia Khan, and Justeena Zaki-Azat.

Image of LaMarsh members
Image of LaMarsh members

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Thanujeni Pathman, Psychology "Children's Learning & Memory in Lab-based & Naturalisitc Settings".

Faculty Panel Discussion:

"Creative & innovative approaches to child and youth research", with Dr. M. Angeles Cerezo, Visiting Scholar, University of Valencia, Madrid, Spain; Dr. Alison Macpherson, Kinesiology and Health Sciences and Dr. Desmond Ellis, Sociology Department, York University.

Graduate Student Presentations:

  • Samantha Chan, Psychology: "Exploring the associations between quality of a previous romantic relationship, emotion regulation and post-breakup depressive symptoms in adolescence"
  • Amanda McKinnon, Kinesiology: "Positive Youth Development: Adopting a new perspective for understanding the developmental outcomes associated with sporty participation among youth with disabiities"
  • Vrati Mehra, Kinesiology: The association between Alcohol, Marijuana, Illegal Drug Use and Current use of E-cigarettes among Youth  and Young Adults in Canada: Results from Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and rugs Survey 2017"
  • Elizabeth Wanstall, Psychology: "Estimations of competence in neurodevelopmental conditions: A review.
  • Marette Adbelmaseh, Psychology: "I-SPARX: Using Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit to Engage Nunavut Youth in Designing their own e-Wellness Tools"

Poster Presentations

Mariami Bimm: "The digital shift: Examining the evolution of mobile devices"

Tracy Lauren Fabri: "Psychological Effects of Concussion Among Varsity Athletes"

Vanessa Foot-Seymour: "Using cognitive strategies to enhance learning of statistical concepts"

Asvini Keethakumar: "Identifying the prevalence and predictors of utilizing cannabis among middle and older aged adults in Canada: A cross-sectional analysis from the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey"

Annie Mills: "Program evaluation of a peer to peer group counseling program for parents of children with autism in the South Asian community"

Monica C. O'Neill: "Can parent and infant behaviors during vaccination tell us about preschool attachment status?"