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Graduate Students Symposium

2021 Events

June, 2021 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium

Coordinated by LaMarsh Leadership Award recipients: Annie Mills, Benjamin Diplock, and Samantha Chan

LaMarsh Speakers:

  • Dr. Nazilla Khanlou: “Mental health support for racialized women at risk of gender-based violence during Covid-19 pandemic”
  • Dr. Vivian Lee: “The impact of Covid-19 restrictions on the mental health and well-being of families and caregivers of autistic youth”
  • Dr. Heather Prime: “5 tips for surviving (and thriving) in graduate school”

Graduate Student Presentations:

  • Nisha Vashi: “Associations Between Transdiagnostic Symptoms and Parent-Child Relationship Quality in Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities”
  • Meaghan Hall: “Fluoride exposure and hypothyroidism in a Canadian pregnancy cohort”
  • Khadija Bint Misbah: “Examining the influence of spousal and social supports on parenting stress in a Syrian refugee population”
  • Katerina Dismino: “Physical activity support behaviours among parents of children with intellectual disabilities: Evaluating an online messaging intervention”
  • Kathryn Pierce: “Qualitative Study of Mechanisms of Change in School-Based Day Treatment for Children in Kindergarten and Grade 1”
  • Megis Oskalns: “A Two-Eyed Approach to Evaluating an e-Intervention for Inuit Youth Using an Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Framework”
  • Jenna Barnhardt: “I-SPARX: Development of Intervention Strategies for Indigenous Youth”
  • Marette Abdelmaseh: “Making I-SPARX Fly In Nunavut: A mixed-method investigation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Inuit Youth”
  • Teresa Sellitto: “What Aspects of Sport Participation are Related to Thriving Among Youth with Intellectual Disability?”
  • Flora Roudbarani: “Parent Perspectives on the Shift to Remote Delivery of CBT in Response to COVID-19”
  • Bianca Bondi: “Maternal and Adolescent Mental Health and Family Stress During COVID-19: The Role of Attachment”

2019 Events

June, 2019 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium

June, 2019 - LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Symposium: "Innovative Research Methodologies: Enhancing well-being of children and youth, their families and communities."  Coordinated by LaMarsh Leadership Award recipients:  Bianca Bondi, Attia Khan, and Justeena Zaki-Azat.

Image of LaMarsh members
Image of LaMarsh members

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Thanujeni Pathman, Psychology "Children's Learning & Memory in Lab-based & Naturalisitc Settings".

Faculty Panel Discussion:

"Creative & innovative approaches to child and youth research", with Dr. M. Angeles Cerezo, Visiting Scholar, University of Valencia, Madrid, Spain; Dr. Alison Macpherson, Kinesiology and Health Sciences and Dr. Desmond Ellis, Sociology Department, York University.

Graduate Student Presentations:

  • Samantha Chan, Psychology: "Exploring the associations between quality of a previous romantic relationship, emotion regulation and post-breakup depressive symptoms in adolescence"
  • Amanda McKinnon, Kinesiology: "Positive Youth Development: Adopting a new perspective for understanding the developmental outcomes associated with sporty participation among youth with disabiities"
  • Vrati Mehra, Kinesiology: The association between Alcohol, Marijuana, Illegal Drug Use and Current use of E-cigarettes among Youth  and Young Adults in Canada: Results from Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and rugs Survey 2017"
  • Elizabeth Wanstall, Psychology: "Estimations of competence in neurodevelopmental conditions: A review.
  • Marette Adbelmaseh, Psychology: "I-SPARX: Using Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit to Engage Nunavut Youth in Designing their own e-Wellness Tools"

Poster Presentations

Mariami Bimm: "The digital shift: Examining the evolution of mobile devices"

Tracy Lauren Fabri: "Psychological Effects of Concussion Among Varsity Athletes"

Vanessa Foot-Seymour: "Using cognitive strategies to enhance learning of statistical concepts"

Asvini Keethakumar: "Identifying the prevalence and predictors of utilizing cannabis among middle and older aged adults in Canada: A cross-sectional analysis from the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Survey"

Annie Mills: "Program evaluation of a peer to peer group counseling program for parents of children with autism in the South Asian community"

Monica C. O'Neill: "Can parent and infant behaviors during vaccination tell us about preschool attachment status?"