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Physical Health and Activity

Determinants, promotion, and impact of physical activity, the prevention and remediation of physical illness, and the promotion of optimal health.

Effects of an online messaging intervention on physical activity support behaviours among parents of children with intellectual disabilities

This research seeks to understand parental physical activity support behaviours, and how parents of children with intellectual disabilities respond to different physical activity promotion messaging strategies. Guided by the Extended Parallel Process Model, an online intervention will be conducted to assess the utility of combining health risk information and framed messages about physical activity.

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Rebooting Infant Pain Assessment: Using Machine Learning to Exponentially Improve Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Practice

This study aims to innovate a new way to approach infant pain assessment in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) around the world by: a) developing a machine learning algorithm that can discriminate pain-related distress, distress unrelated to pain, and no distress; and b) examining health professionals' and parents’ perspectives on computer-assisted pain assessment as well as the ethical-legal implications surrounding implementation of this technology in healthcare.  

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Tykes and tots: Exploring and optimizing coaching effectiveness in preschooler sport

The past two decades have been met with increased enthusiasm for, availability of, and participation in organized sport programming among preschoolers (i.e., children aged 3-5 years). In an effort to ensure optimal experiences of preschool-aged children through organized sport programming, the overall aim of this research project is to advance understanding of ‘effective coaching’ for preschoolers, and to design, implement, and evaluate training tools to enhance coaches' effectiveness in preschooler sport. This project will take place through 3 key phases. Phase 1 will explore key stakeholders' perceptions of effective coaching within preschooler sport, in an effort to develop a more concrete understanding of effective coaching within preschooler-sport settings, and gain insight into appropriate developmental outcomes to target within preschooler sport. 

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