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Director's Message

Welcome to LaMarsh!

We are a group committed to child and youth research that matters. More than ever, it seems that there is a need for efforts that can impact the many challenges facing our children today and in the coming years. Our children face health, development, relationship, and educational hurdles that have been driven by many social, economic, and political changes fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. These realities are exacerbated by on-going inequities linked to climate change, social injustices around race, sexuality and gender expression, disability rights, and the legacies of colonialism and intergenerational trauma that continue to shape the lived experiences of Indigenous children and youth. At times it is easy to feel discouraged about the future. However, I am grateful to be a part of the wonderful group of LaMarsh researchers who work collaboratively to understand factors that influence positive physical, social and mental health among children and youth. The community-engaged approach of LaMarsh is such that impact can be fostered through knowledge translation driven by community partnerships. Our commitment to student training and mentorship means that future generations of researchers and knowledge users can continue the work of LaMarsh for years to come and beyond our centre walls. 

The notion of organized research units such as LaMarsh is that we are stronger together than as individuals. We are more than a sum of our individual parts. This is the reality at LaMarsh. Together, we can work to tackle challenges and create a brighter future for our children.

If you would like more information about LaMarsh or would like to be involved with our community, please reach out. Together we can do better.

Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, PhD
Director of LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research
Associate Professor
Pronouns: she/her

Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, PhD