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Faculty Members

Madison Aitken

Assistant Professor

Rebecca Bassett-Gunter

Director of LaMarsh, Associate Professor

Laina Y. Bay-Cheng

Professor & Associate Vice-President Faculty Affairs

Angelo BelCastro


Mavoy Bertram

Assistant Professor

Yvonne Bohr

Associate Professor

Marc Bornstein

Director of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Julie Conder

Associate Professor & Distinguished Fellow in Learning and Teaching Excellence

Jennifer Connolly

Professor Psychology Department Chair

Desmond Ellis

Professor Emeritus Founding Director of LaMarsh

Karl Erickson

Assistant Professor

Lisa Farley

Associate Professor

Gord Flett

Professor & Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Personality and Health

Sarah Flicker

Professor & York Research Chair (Tier 2) in Community-Based Participatory Research, and Environmental Arts & Justice Coordinator

Jessica Fraser-Thomas

Associate Professor

Lyndsay Hayhurst

Associate Professor & York Research Chair (Tier 2) in Sport, Gender & Development and Digital Participatory Research

Nazilla Khanlou

Professor & Women's Health Research Chair in Mental Health

Christine Kurtz Landy

Associate Professor

Alison Macpherson

Professor CIHR Chair in Maternal and Child Health Services and Policy Research

Nicole Muir

Assistant Professor

Thanujeni (Jeni) Pathman

Associate Professor

Debra Pepler

Officer of the Order of Canada
Distinguished Research Professor

Lara Pierce

Assistant Professor

Heather Prime

Assistant Professor

Jennine Rawana

Associate Professor
Master of Calumet College

Jennifer Steele


Hala Tamim


Christine Till

Associate Professor

Kate Tilleczek

Professor, Canada Research Chair (Tier I), Founder & Scientific Director of YLRL

Maggie Toplak

Associate Professor

Jonathan Weiss

Associate Professor, & Tier 2 York Research Chair in Autism and Neuro-developmental Disability Mental Health

Melody Wiseheart