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Desmond Ellis

Professor Emeritus Founding Director of LaMarsh

Research Interests

Dr. Desmond Ellis is a senior scholar based in the LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research, a center he created in 1981. Since 1993 he has published books, journal articles, and research reports on the effects of participation in adversarial and collaborative separation/divorce proceedings on sublethal and lethal domestic violence. He is currently working on Marital Separation and the Probability of Femicide in Canada as well as Evaluating Ontario Domestic Violence Death Committees Contribution to Preventing Femicide in Ontario.


Department: Sociology
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Published Manuscripts (Select Publications)

Ellis, D. Managing Domestic Violence: A Practical Handbook for Family lawyers. LexisNexis: Toronto.

Ellis, D., Stuckless, N. and Smith, C. Marital Separation & Lethal Domestic ViolenceNew York: Routledge.

Ellis, D., Lewis, T., Nepon, T. Effects of Historical Coercive control, Historical Violence and Lawyer Representation on Post-Separation Violence and Coercive Control Against Mother Litigants who Participated in Adversarial Family Court Proceedings. Violence Against Women. DOI.10.1177/1077801220921939.

Ellis, D. Marital Separation, Conflict Resolution and Lethal male Partner Violence. Violence Against Women. DOI.10.1177/1077801216644985. 

Ellis, D. The Family Court-Based Stepping Stones Model of Triage: Some Concerns About Safety, Process and Objectives. Family Court Review, 53, 650-662.

Ellis, D. (2008). Divorce and the family court: What can be done about domestic violence? Family Court Review, 46(3), 531-536.

Ellis, D., Stuckless, N. Domestic Violence, DOVE and Divorce Mediation. Family Court Review, 44, 648-661. 

Ellis, D., Stuckless, N. and Wight, L. Separation, Domestic violence and Divorce MediationConflict Resolution Quarterly, 23, 416-429.

Ellis, D., & Anderson, D. The impact of participation in mandatory Family Information sessions on the use of court resources by divorcing couplesConflict Resolution Quarterly, 23, 416-429.

Ellis, D. & Wight, L. (1998) Theorizing power in divorce mediationMediation Quarterly, 5. 227-234.