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Desmond Ellis

Professor Emeritus
Founding Director of LaMarsh

Desmond Ellis


Department: Sociology
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Research Interests

Dr. Desmond Ellis is a senior scholar based in the LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research, a center he created in 1981. Since 1993 he has published books, journal articles, and research reports on the effects of participation in adversarial and collaborative separation/divorce proceedings on sublethal and lethal domestic violence.

Published Manuscripts (Select Publications)

Ellis, D. Managing Domestic Violence: A Practical Handbook for Family lawyers. LexisNexis: Toronto.

Ellis, D., Stuckless, N. and Smith, C. Marital Separation & Lethal Domestic ViolenceNew York: Routledge.

Ellis, D., Lewis, T., Nepon, T. Effects of Historical Coercive control, Historical Violence and Lawyer Representation on Post-Separation Violence and Coercive Control Against Mother Litigants who Participated in Adversarial Family Court Proceedings. Violence Against Women. DOI.10.1177/1077801220921939.

Ellis, D. Marital Separation, Conflict Resolution and Lethal male Partner Violence. Violence Against Women. DOI.10.1177/1077801216644985. 

Ellis, D. The Family Court-Based Stepping Stones Model of Triage: Some Concerns About Safety, Process and Objectives. Family Court Review, 53, 650-662.

Ellis, D. (2008). Divorce and the family court: What can be done about domestic violence? Family Court Review, 46(3), 531-536.

Ellis, D., Stuckless, N. Domestic Violence, DOVE and Divorce Mediation. Family Court Review, 44, 648-661. 

Ellis, D., Stuckless, N. and Wight, L. Separation, Domestic violence and Divorce MediationConflict Resolution Quarterly, 23, 416-429.

Ellis, D., & Anderson, D. The impact of participation in mandatory Family Information sessions on the use of court resources by divorcing couplesConflict Resolution Quarterly, 23, 416-429.

Ellis, D. & Wight, L. (1998) Theorizing power in divorce mediationMediation Quarterly, 5. 227-234.