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Thanujeni (Jeni) Pathman

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Pathman’s research interests are in cognitive development and developmental cognitive neuroscience. She studies children’s learning and memory and how memory changes across development (from infancy to adolescence). She is especially interested in learning about the development of contextual memory (e.g., memory for events and when and where they occurred), and semantic memory (memory for knowledge and facts). Dr. Pathman also studies brain development and how changes in the brain across childhood relate to memory performance. Her team works with children and families in the lab, schools, and in informal learning environments like museums and science centers. 


Department: Psychology
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Published Manuscripts (Select Publications)

Sipe, S.J., & Pathman, T. (accepted). Memory at play: Examining relations between episodic and semantic memory in a children’s museum. Child Development.

Canada, K. L., Pathman, T., & Riggins, T. (2020). Longitudinal development of memory for temporal order during early to middle childhood. The Journal of Genetic Psychology. [Special issue on Temporal Cognition].

Pathman, T., Coughlin, C. & Ghetti, S. (2018). Space and time in episodic memory: Effects of linearity and directionality on memory for spatial location and temporal order in children and adults. PLOS ONE, 13(11): e0206999.

Bauer, P.J., Pathman, T., Inman, C., Campanella, C. & Hamann, S. (2017). Neural correlates of autobiographical memory retrieval in children and adults. Memory, 25, 450-466.

Pathman, T., & Ghetti, S. (2016). More to it than meets the eye: How eye movements can elucidate the development of episodic memory. Memory, 24, 721-736.

Pathman, T., & Ghetti, S. (2015). Eye movements provide an index of veridical memory for temporal order. PLOS ONE, 10(5): e0125648. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0125648

*DeMaster, D., *Pathman, T., Lee, J., & Ghetti, S. (2014). Structural development of the hippocampus and episodic memory: Developmental differences along the anterior/posterior axis. Cerebral Cortex, 24, 3036-3045. [*Denotes equal contribution to this work]

Pathman, T., & Ghetti, S. (2014). The eyes know time: A novel paradigm to examine the development of temporal memory. Child Development, 85, 792-807.

DeMaster, D., Pathman, T., & Ghetti, S. (2013). Development of memory for spatial context: Hippocampal and cortical contributions. Neuropsychologia, 51, 2415-2426.

Pathman, T., & Bauer, P.J. (2013). Beyond initial encoding: Measures of the post-encoding status of memory traces predict long-term recall in infancy. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 114, 321-338.