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ANTH Undergraduate Receives LA&PS Writing Prize Honourable Mention

ANTH Undergraduate Receives LA&PS Writing Prize Honourable Mention

Congratulations to Jona Domingo for earning an honourable mention in the 2022-2023 LA&PS Writing Prize for her paper, 'Human Resources: Livestreaming as a Form of Biolabour in Neoliberal Society'!

Digital Human Resources and Biolabour

My paper, Human Resources, only skims the surface of an ever-changing digital landscape. As a consumer of various online content, I think it's important to be mindful of this consumption and its resonance on different aspects of society.

ANTH 2100: Global Capitalism, Culture, and Conflict (with Professor Fulton-Melanson), for which this paper was written, was an engaging and thought-provoking course that helped me give such things a second thought.

In pursuit of a better understanding of how neoliberal culture is proliferated, this paper delves into the world of live streaming in China and South Korea. While it focuses on this practice as a form of biolabour, there is still more to be said about livestreaming’s capacity for community building and its role as a third space.

- Jona Domingo

Jona's paper will appear in the upcoming edition of the LA&PS Writing Prize Journal, Noteworthy.