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Placement Course: ANTH 4130

The Professional Anthropologist Work-Study Placement is a year-long course that gives you the ability to conduct research and/or volunteer with a range of host organizations such as NGOs, hospitals, immigration agencies, homeless shelters, corporations and other service organizations approved by the department of Anthropology.

You will engage in experiential learning and community-engaged research under the guidance of a course director. You are required to identify issues you intend to explore during your placement before starting the experiential learning opportunity.

The placement must include:

  • At least 176 hours of work over the 8 months.
  • An assessment consisting of a weekly communication via the blog site (shared journaling); a research paper; a final community report

Registration for this course requires the permission of the instructor and an approved placement site. Spots will be reserved for students enrolled in the Advocacy and Public Engagement Minor or Certificate program. An open interview will be conducted before Fall online registration begins. This course is restricted to third and fourth-year Anthropology students who have completed ANTH 3110 6.0.



What is a placement?

You will apply for a position within an organization, where you’ll practise and develop the skills learned in your course.

Will I be paid?

No. You’ll receive course credit because each placement experience is tied to a particular course. 

Will I be graded?

Yes. You’ll be assigned a supervisor who will guide you through the experience and evaluate your performance. 

How long is the placement?

You will work part-time so you can continue your studies. The length varies by course. 

How do I apply?

You’ll get a job description that outlines the application process, which usually involves a resumé and cover letter, interview and references. 

Will I be insured while on placement?

Students who are on an unpaid placement are fully insured by York University. 

Past Placement Partners