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Our Faculty

Our faculty are leaders in research excellence, teaching innovation, and community collaboration, both locally and internationally.  We advance research and teaching in a variety of sub-disciplines within the broad field of sociocultural anthropology, such as public and applied anthropology, digital anthropology, medical anthropology, and archaeology. Our department has geographic strengths in Canada, the Caribbean, Croatia, Greece, Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Senegal, South Africa, Vanuatu and the Pacific Islands. Our dedicated faculty have won numerous awards and maintain a strong reputation in compelling research initiatives and publications.  Use the links below to learn more about our faculty members, their expertise and research interests.

Full-Time Faculty

Our full-time members are the leading thinkers, researchers and educators in their fields.

Contract Faculty

Contract faculty are experienced industry professionals passing on their knowledge to students.

Retired Faculty

Meet some of our former members who continue to contribute.

Affiliated Faculty

Other skilled and dedicated experts working with our Department.