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Certificate in Culture, Medicine & Health

If you are a student in Social Work, Equity Studies, International Development Studies, Global Health, Disaster and Emergency Management or related fields that require critical social science skills for analyzing medical interventions, Medical Anthropology will be of interest to you.

This certificate provides a critical social science approach to health provision for those professional programs dealing with the health system, and health needs, of people from a broad range of cultural traditions. The certificate is a stand alone program that can be added to your degree after graduation, or in addition to your current program. The certificate program can be taken as a minor program in Medical Anthropology by those able to add a minor to their program.

Course Requirements:

i) Core Requirements (15 credits total):

  • ANTH 2330 6.0 Anthropology and Infectious Diseases: An exploration of the Social Networks of Microbes
  • ANTH 3330 6.0 Health & Illness in Cross Cultural Perspective: An Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 4330 3.0 Critical Issues in Medical Anthropology

ii) And 9 elective credits chosen from the following Anthropology, Sociology and Social Science lists:

  • ANTH 3190 3.0 Nutritional Anthropology: Food and Eating in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • ANTH 3200 3.0 The Anthropology of International Health
  • ANTH 3280 6.0 Psychiatric Anthropology & Social Stress
  • ANTH 3560 6.0 Anthropology of the Senses
  • ANTH 4130 6.0 The Professional Anthropologist (work placement)
  • ANTH 4160 3.0 Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples' Health
  • ANTH 4430 6.0 The Anthropology of Reproduction, Personhood and Citizenship
  • ANTH 4570 3.0 The Brain, Self and Society
  • SOSC 3921 6.0 Indigenous Health and Healing: Interdisciplinary and Traditional Dialogues
  • SOCI 3820 6.0 Sociology of Health and Health Care
  • SOCI 4300 3.0 Sociology of Health Care Systems