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Our Staff

Our administrative team is here to answer your questions about enrolment, course selection, degree requirements and more. Learn more about our staff members, the services they provide and how to contact them.

Administrative Officers and Staff

NameLocation ExtensionEmail Address
Savinder Saraf
Administrative Coordinator
3007 Dahdaleh
Trisha Diaram
Program Secretary
3004 Dahdaleh
Sushma Kanhai
Undergraduate Program Assistant
3005 Dahdaleh
Diklah Frishman
Communication & Website Assistant
3006 Dahdaleh
Claresta Adityani
Graduate Program Assistant
3008 Dahdaleh
Mina Aryaie 
Interim Program Secretary
3004 Dahdaleh
Moira Scott
Program Secretary
(Currently on leave)
3004 Dahdaleh