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Our Research

The research interests of our faculty reflect our diversity and excellence as a department. Our faculty engage with communications from diverse vantage points ranging from media policy, politics and power, international development, and gender and identity. These faculty interests are reflected in our comprehensive curriculum which ranges from traditional forms of mass communication to mobile technologies, web 2.0 and nanotechnology.

Browse the cutting edge research from our tireless and dedicated faculty members who continue to push boundaries and gain recognition for their contributions. We hope their efforts help and inspire your work. Please feel free to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities.

Featured Publication

identity and industry book cover

Identity and Industry: Making Media Multicultural in Canada

by Mark Hayward

Identity and Industry explores how ethnocultural media in Canada developed between the end of the Second World War and the arrival of digital media. Through chapters dedicated to film exhibition, newspapers, radio, and television, Mark Hayward documents the industrial and institutional frameworks that defined the role of media in Canadian multiculturalism. Drawing on extensive archival research, the book situates late twentieth-century "ethnic" media at the intersection of demand, cultural integration, and the changing economics of popular culture.

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Cover of book Smarter Toronto

Bob Hanke

This book bridges media, technocultural, urban and journalism studies to examine the role of journalism in relation to a smart ...

Cover of the book How Textile Communicates by Ganaele Langlois

Ganaele Langlois

Textile has been used as a medium of communication since the prehistoric period. Up until the 19th century, civilizations throughout ...

Two Minds, Three Talks, One Life book cover

Dalton Kehoe

“Two Minds, Three talks, One Life” is built around the idea that every conversation is important at two levels (1) ...

Really Fake book cover

Ganaele Langlois

More important than flagging things “really fake” is to understand why they are dismissed as fake Really Fake takes up ...

identity and industry book cover

Mark Hayward

Mark Hayward: Identity and Industry: Making Media Multicultural in Canada

morality by design book cover

Wade Rowland

Wade Rowland: Morality by Design: Technology’s Challenge to Human Values

making surveillance states book cover

Robert Heynen

Robert Heynen and Emily van der Meulen (Eds.): Making Surveillance States: Transnational Histories (2019)

youth mediations and affective relations

Susan Driver, Natalie Coulter

Driver, Susan, Coulter, Natalie (Eds.): Youth Mediations and Affective Relations. Explores intersections between critical youth studies, affect theory and media ...

seeing, selling and situating radio in canada, 1922-1956 book cover

Anne MacLennan

Michael Windover and Anne MacLennan: Seeing, Selling, and Situation Radio in Canada, 1922-1956

engaging affects, thinking feelings

Susan Driver

Susan Driver, Kara Stone, Melanie Patenaude: Engaging Affects, Thinking Feelings: Social, Political and Artistic Practices (2016)

expanding the gaze book cover

Robert Heynen

Emily van der Meulen, Robert Heynen: Expanding the Gaze: Gender and the Politics of Surveillance (2016)

mass communication in canada book cover

David Skinner

Mike Gasher, David Skinner, Rowland Lorimer: Mass Communication in Canada (2016)

strategies for media reform

Jonathan Obar

Des Freedman, Jonathan Obar, Cheryl Martens, and Robert W. McChesney: Strategies for Media Reform: International Perspectives (2016)

canada lives here book cover

Wade Rowland

Wade Rowland: Canada Lives Here: The Case for Public Broadcasting (2015)

compromised data book cover

Ganaele Langlois

Greg Elmer, Ganaele Langlois, Joanna Redden:Compromised Data From Social Media to Big Data (2015)

tweening the girl book cover

Natalie Coulter

Natalie Coulter: Tweening the Girl: The Crystallization of the Tween Market (2014)