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CRED Auto Draft 6bcc25a6d0bc0abc0fcd3b00e4437939

CRED Auto Draft 6bcc25a6d0bc0abc0fcd3b00e4437939

Aecon-Golden Mile Joint Venture

Year of inception: 2021
Brand name: A-GM
Address: 20 Carlson Court
Postal code: M9W 7k6
Business category: General Contractor

Primary Contact Details
Name: Adrienne Clarke
Phone: 4164768495
Identifier: SE

Company Description​

Aecon-Golden Mile (A-GM) is a new construction joint venture between Aecon Group Inc. and the Centre for Inclusive Economic Opportunity, Golden Mile (CIEO) that provides utility infrastructure construction services including hydrovac excavation, hard surface restoration, traffic control, and fibre optic installation. A-GM prioritizes recruiting, training, and hiring individuals from the Greater Golden Mile area of Toronto, especially those who would likely not get a chance to work in the trades otherwise. A-GM strives to be a first-choice employer and contractor for the redevelopment of the Golden Mile area, but also operates throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 

Community & Social Impact

CIEO’s founding members have deep roots in the community and offer a breadth of services that position CIEO as a well-connected and reliable partner for community-based economic activity and development. Aecon Group Inc. is well-positioned in the Canadian marketplace as an industry leader in the development and construction of infrastructure.

A-GM will recruit and train workers from the Greater Golden Mile. Many positions do not require previous construction experience. Successful candidates will receive tailored job training, competitive pay, and opportunities for advancement.

A-GM values the Golden Mile’s diversity. We are encouraging applications from groups underrepresented in the construction industry including women, racialized minorities and newcomers to Canada.