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CRED Auto Draft 78bea466f6a1cc5d480c6a23fd9b5048

CRED Auto Draft 78bea466f6a1cc5d480c6a23fd9b5048

Accent Distributors Inc.

Year of inception: 2012
Brand name: PlanIt Efficiency Solutions
Address: 1011 Upper Middle Rd E, Oakville, ON, Canada
Postal code: L6H 5Z9
Business category: Work from Home/Remote Work Optimization

Primary Contact Details
Name: Kara Morgan
Phone: 4166187691
Identifier: DV

Company Description​

PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions Inc. is a boutique consultancy in Southern Ontario that provides efficiency and productivity advice and products to service providers wanting to improve processes, automate workflows and save energy to produce customer focused outcomes. Our end-to-end approach helps solopreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups increased productivity and reduce operating costs.

We provide customized solutions for specific challenges like migrating customer lists and providing end-to-end organizational process improvement, development and implementation. Our products support energy conscious and efficiency seeking businesses that know the importance of comfort and how the environment can impact productivity.

Through automation and simplified workflows, we help business owners automate and scale their businesses. We focus on operational efficiency, energy efficiency, client comfort and engagement.

Our end-to-end approach helps inundated, growth-oriented service providers and start-ups build reliable sustainable, scalable businesses while maintaining balance in their personal lives.

Our unique eco-friendly, low maintenance solar blind products are ideal for the environmentally conscious business or homeowner who want to protect their largest investment, reduce consumption and GHG emissions while enjoying year-round comfort and lower energy usage. They reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40%, block 92% of damaging UV rays. They provide 90% visibility and natural light without sacrificing UV protection while regulating room temperature all year round.

Community & Social Impact

Our Social purpose division is committed to improving the lives of marginalized racialized mothers in single income households by helping them become financially independent through self-employment in the tech and construction industry. Our aim is to reduce underemployment and underrepresentation by training them to install our disruptive, innovative solar blind products.

This division is also provides Anti-Black Systemic Racism education and training webinars, workshops, and Strategic Planning backed by over 30 years of experience working with public and private organizations and community groups.