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CRED Auto Draft ce95219505968e37f500104e17923cab

Aangen: A Community Service Organization

Year of inception: 2000
Brand name: Aangen: A Community Service Organization
Address: 42 Sousa Mendes Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
Postal code: M6P3Z5
Business category: Catering, Cleaning and dehydrated soups

Primary Contact Details
Name: Gurbeen Bhasin
Phone: 4165692787
Identifier: SE

Company Description​

If you're looking for cleaning and food services provided by an organization that truly supports the community, look no further.

Aangen is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to providing sustainable, solution-based responses to social injustices locally
and globally. We focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through innovative programs that address hunger and homelessness, create employment opportunities for marginalized people, help families in crisis and much more. We raise funds for our community service programs by  providing catering and cleaning services.

Our vision to foster personal empowerment and nurture communities is embodied by our driving philosophy: One Love. One World.

Community & Social Impact

What is the Chance for Change program?

At our core, Aangen is a company that supports and empowers. The Chance For Change program evolved from our core value ‘empower’.

​The Chance for Change program is a supportive employment program that has additional support structures for CFC employees and priority services provided to CFC employees who qualify and are enrolled in the program. We assist all our employees in whatever struggles they may have throughout the tenure of their employment.

There is a great deal of evidence to support the concept that a job is a very impactful form of social assistance. But, a supportive employment program creates sustainable opportunities for long-term personal growth and community development for marginalized and disadvantaged populations.

How it Works

The Chance For Change program has additional support structures and priority services provided to employees who qualify and are enrolled in the program. A job is a very impactful form of social assistance, but supportive employment creates sustainable opportunities for long-term personal growth and community development.

Our team, empowered by their work every day, have the opportunity to ‘Love it Forward’ and create a safe space for shelter residents; healthy meals for staff and residents; and clean places for people to live and sleep.

What is Share the Love program?

At Aangen, we see the value of an interconnected community. Through sharing with our partners we strengthen ourselves and our community. This means supporting partner agencies who share our values in reducing food waste and food insecurity, environmental sustainability and social equity.

These efforts started a long time ago, but weren't fully formalized until the effects of COVID-19 meant some of our partners were in dire need of additional resources and other partners needed to donate goods while their businesses were on hold. Early in 2020 we made the decision to become the conduit to move these goods resources to places where they could have a positive impact on the community.

How it Works

It’s such a simple idea! If you have something you don’t need, or you just really want to share it, there’s someone, somewhere that needs it. And we’ll help give that thing (or those things) the best home possible. Goods and resources flow through our internal programs and services and our local and global partners (through their programs and services). Contact us if you have questions about current partner needs or to discuss how to get your things into the flow.