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Information for TA's

As a TA, you are a member of CUPE 3903 Unit 1. Duties of TAs in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics typically include marking/grading; proctoring tests/exams; recording keeping; and holding office hours or MATHLAB/STATLAB aid hours. The TAs are an integral part of the services we provide to undergraduate students and they provide much needed support to our faculty members. Your TA assignment is also an important part of your graduate funding package, and is an important learning opportunity. It is a professional responsibility, and needs to be treated as such.

Your TA assignment will be made available to you at the beginning of the term. It is your responsibility to contact your course supervisor immediately to find out which duties you will be performing and when they will be due to identify any possible conflicts. Any serious concerns with your job assignment must be addressed immediately, please see the Undergraduate Program Director.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most course instructors are either full time faculty, CUPE part-time instructors or post-doctoral fellows in our department whose contact information can be found here.

This is a drop-in help centre and study place located in ROSS S525. which is staffed by teaching assistants from the Dept of Mathematics and Statistics. Some portion of your TA assignment may be in the form of hours doing individual tutoring in this centre. If you receive a TA assignment requiring you to staff the MATH/STATS Help Centre and Study Hub you will be contacted by the coordinators who will schedule you in the lab.

If you find that you are unable to be available for your MATH/STATS Help Centre and Study Hub duties or for invigilation of an exam you should
a) contact your course supervisor or coordinator immediately, and
b) find a replacement to cover your hours.
In particular, it is very important that your scheduled hours in the MATH/STATS Help Centre and Study Hub are staffed by you or a suitable replacement. Students come to the MATH/STATS Help Centre and Study Hub at specific times expecting to find tutoring help available. It is not sufficient to make up missed MATH/STATS Help Centre and Study Hub hours at a later date. It might be a good idea to make some informal arrangements at the start of the term with 2 or 3 other graduate students who you can call on in case of such an emergency.

This is a form mandated by the CUPE 3903 collective agreement which should be filled out and signed by both you and your course supervisor for each TA assignment you receive. This form will be distributed to all TAs upon receipt of a TA assignment, or you can find it as Appendix A in the CUPE Unit 1 Collective Agreement.