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Policy on Posters


The University permits limited postering in designated places inside its campus buildings.

If your Student Organization is interested in posting on York University property, please refer to the policy and procedures available on the secretariates page.

There are specific postering guidelines for the York University Student Center and York Lanes Retail Centre that can be found at their respective Web sites.

Poster and Banner Placement Guidelines for Elections or Referendum

For the purposes of student elections and referendum campaigns certain exemptions from the poster policy for the duration of the established campaign period may be permitted. All election and referendum campaigns are subject to the following poster and banner placement guidelines:

  • No affixing stickers on surfaces.
  • No posting on glass.
  • No posting on painted walls
  • Posters may be displayed on designated bulletin boards, along with unpainted brick walls, concrete walls, and concrete pillars.
  • Use “painter’s tape” only.
  • Any method of posting that causes damage to university property is prohibited.
  • Do not obstruct pathways, entrances, or common areas with posters.
  • Student Organizations are responsible for any damages resulting from their campaign material placement.
  • Ensure that posters adhere to size restrictions, content guidelines, and any other specifications outlined in the university’s policy and procedures.
  • Banners may be requested but are not guaranteed approval. Submissions may be sent to CRO for approval in collaboration with SCLD and other campus partners. The university may restrict the time and location of banners.
  • Do not cover or obstruct other approved posters or materials.
  • All materials must have an approval and be digitally stamped by the CRO.