Procurement Code of Ethics

Procurement Code of Ethics

Topic: Faculty, Staff, Students: Conduct and Responsibilities, Financial and Operations
Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Description: The York University Procurement Code of Ethics is integral to the University Procurement of Goods and Services Policy and the University’s practices are guided by this Code of Ethics.

See associated documents: Procurement of Goods and Services Policy and Procedure.

Code of Ethics

York University aspires to high ethical, legal, environmental, managerial and professional standards in the management of the resources entrusted to it. Within this context, the University shall procure goods and services in an open, fair and transparent manner and in a competitive environment, so that all transactions yield the optimal benefit to the University in the circumstances.


All employees of the University who, during the course of their duties, are involved in the process of acquiring goods or services shall perform their duties to the following standards:

  • Ensure all procurement activities are conducted according to University policies, provincial and federal laws, and respect the principles of ethical business practices
  • Support collaborative procurement, and the adoption and sharing of leading procurement practices
  • Conduct business with all current and prospective suppliers in good faith
  • Grant all competing suppliers fair and equal consideration
  • Strive to obtain the maximum value for each expenditure
  • Require honesty and accurate representation of goods and services from all suppliers
  • Encourage suppliers to consider sustainability and social responsibility in their product or service offerings
  • Make every reasonable effort to negotiate an equitable and mutually agreeable settlement where disputes occur.

The Procurement Code of Ethics is endorsed by the Board of Governors and the Executive of York University.

Legislative History: Approved by PVP, November 4, 2009; Board Finance and Audit Committee, November 23, 2009; Approved by the Board of Governors, December 7, 2009.