Surplus Asset Disposal (Procedure)

Surplus Asset Disposal (Procedure)

Topic: Financial and Operations
Approval Authority: Vice-President Finance and Administration

Description: Outlines procedure for recycling and disposal of equipment, furnishings and other assets (excluding real estate or other interests in land) that are no longer of use to a University department or operating unit.


A surplus asset is any asset other than real estate that is no longer of use to a University department, Faculty or other operating unit (hereafter referred to as "department").


The intention of the Surplus Asset Disposal Procedure is to maximize the life cycle of any University asset prior to considering its disposal.


Declaring an Asset to be Surplus

  1. A University department shall advise Procurement Services (Finance Department) of any property that is no longer of use to the department after which, the Director, Procurement Services, as the designate of the Vice-President Finance and Administration, shall declare the item as surplus.
  2. A University department shall declare items as “not in working condition” or “obsolete” in consultation with the Director, Procurement Services, and shall transfer such items to the Department of Campus Services and Business Operations for appropriate disposal following environmental waste and recycling protocols.  Costs related to the disposal of items are the responsibility of the originating department.
  3. Where there is a potential market value for a surplus asset and a new and/or replacement asset is being purchased, Procurement Services may pursue a trade-in to improve the purchase price point. The process of arranging a trade-in shall be managed by Procurement Services at the time of requesting quotes from prospective suppliers.
  4. Prior to declaring computer hardware and software surplus, the Director of Procurement Services shall contact University Information Technology (UIT).   Where UIT cannot maximize the life cycle of the asset internally, the asset will be declared surplus.
  5. Upon declaration of surplus status of an asset with an original value in excess of $100,000, the Director of Procurement Services shall advise the Manager of Insurance, Risk Management and Taxation (Finance Department) who shall arrange to adjust the asset valuation with the University’s insurer.
  6. As determined by Procurement Services, the surplus property may be offered for transfer to other departments of the University; may be offered for sale or trade-in to third parties; or may otherwise be disposed of, as outlined below.

Transfer of Surplus Assets

  1. Surplus items for offer to other York University departments shall be posted on the Procurement Services web site for a period of 10 days. Departments wanting items posted shall apply in writing.
  2. Items shall be allocated to the department which responds in writing, on a first come first serve basis.
  3. The costs of the transfer of items between internal departments (including physical relocation costs) shall be borne by the recipient unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

Disposition of Surplus Assets

  1. Items not transferred internally shall be disposed of by Procurement Services.
  2. Items with no market value, as determined by Procurement Services, may be donated "as is, where is" to a non-profit organization either by Procurement Services or by the originating department in consultation with Procurement Services.
  3. In disposing of surplus items, Procurement Services will ensure that receipts are issued and received in order to transfer the responsibility of ownership where items are sold at public auction or donated to non-profit organizations.
Legislative History: Issued pursuant to the University Policy on Surplus Asset Disposal.  Replaces the Procedure on Disposal of Surplus Furnishings and Equipment 1996/02/12. Approved by the Vice-President Finance and Administration 2007/06/25.