The Sale and Distribution of Single-Use Bottled Water on York University Campuses (Procedures)

The Sale and Distribution of Single-Use Bottled Water on York University Campuses (Procedures)

Legislative History:

Approved by the Vice-President Finance and Administration 2015/08/31; Effective 2015/09/01

Signature: Gary Brewer

Description: Procedures adopted pursuant to York University’s Policy on Sustainability.


York University’s Policy on Sustainability describes the University’s responsibility for, and commitment to sustainability, and provides the framework for ongoing implementation of the policy.

York University made a public commitment in April 2012 to phase out the sale of single-use bottled water on its campuses by September 2015 and to improve free access to clean drinking water. By eliminating the sale of single-use bottled water on its campuses, York joins a growing number of Canadian and international postsecondary institutions, school boards, cities, and other organizations in supporting the human right to water.


Single-Use Bottled Water: non-carbonated, unflavoured water that is sold, purchased, or distributed within a single-use container (e.g. a plastic or glass bottle, box, etc.), that is less than or equal to 2 liters in capacity.


  1. The sale and distribution of Single-Use Bottled Water is prohibited on York University campuses.
  2. These procedures apply to:
    1. all points of sale on the Keele and Glendon campuses, including food trucks, third-party vendors, and vending machines;
    2. all University hosted or sponsored events, including off campus where/when possible;
    3. all purchases made with University funds, including off campus where/when possible
  3. These procedures do not apply to:
    1.  Single-Use Bottled Water stored for and distributed by the University during a campus emergency;
    2.  Single-Use Bottled Water supplied for guests in the hotel rooms of the Schulich Executive Learning Centre


  1. The University will incorporate these procedures into:
    1. construction standards applicable to new buildings and major building renovations
    2. contractual arrangements applicable to the sale of Single-Use Bottled Water
  2. The University shall prohibit the advertising of Single-Use Bottled Water products on its campuses


These procedures shall be reviewed in one year.