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Sustainable Event Planning

Sustainability can be defined many ways but the basic ideas and concepts remain the same: balancing protection for the environment, economic factors, and social responsibility, so that together we create and safeguard an improved quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

Events can have a large environmental impact, so the Office of Sustainability is encouraging the community to make events more sustainable through considering factors such as waste management, accessibility and reducing or eliminating their carbon footprint. Complete a short scoreboard to certify your event today!

About the Sustainable Events Certification

There are 4 levels of event certification:

  • Bronze: 65% of actions
  • Silver: 75% of actions
  • Gold: 85% of actions
  • Platinum: 95% of actions

Any York University staff, faculty, or student group can complete this certification if their event is affiliated with York University and they are currently in the planning phase of their event.

You can visit the Sustainability Tips section of our website where you'll find guidelines on how to plan a sustainable event.

Certification is valid for one year, and the certification scoreboard will be updated as needed to ensure alignment with sustainability best practices.

Feel free to reach out to the Office of Sustainability for any questions or feedback. Please email sustainability@yorku.ca.

Use this scoreboard before you start planning a partial or completely in-person event! It will only take approximately 4 minutes to complete.