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Sustainability Impact Report 2022-2023

Sustainability Strategy Progress Report 2022-2023

Ecological Footprint Initiative (EFI) Report

Measuring York's Carbon and Ecological Footprints During Fiscal Years 2016-2020

View Summary of Results here.

View Technical Report here.

Written by: Eric Miller, Director of the Ecological Footprint Initiative at York University
Data analysis by Eric Miller, Apeksha, Sophie Angoh, Elizabeth Holloway
June 2023

Produced for York University’s Vice-President Finance and Administration

With thanks to data and information and guidance from the Office of Sustainability, Finance, Facilities, Ancillary Services, and the Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis (OIPA).

Ecological Footprint Initiative is a York-based research, training, and analytics hub that produces the National Ecological Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts used around the world, plus fee-for-service work. The initiative is housed in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.