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Fair Trade at York

Photo of York's Las Nubes Ecocampus and headline: York is proud to be designated a Fair Trade Campus.

York University has been named a Fair Trade Campus for its commitment to providing more sustainable options at its campuses.

The fair trade designation is just one way York can make a global difference in the lives of others by leveraging its buying power for good. It also creates learning opportunities for students and encourages an understanding of the impact of buying choices and how they can go a long way toward sustainability.

Food Services

YU Eats is ensuring that sustainability will be integral in meal planning, food sourcing, preparation, and waste reduction. As part of this commitment, you can find Fairtrade coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas at all YU Eats locations.

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YU Bookstore

The York University Bookstore takes pride in working closely with suppliers that provide high quality, Fairtrade products, such as Fair Trade clothing and a wide selection of Fair Trade Organic Chocolate.

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Green Campus Co-op

Founded by students and faculty members of York University who were concerned about the limited supply of sustainable products on campus, and by the lack of practical ways for students to get involved in changing that situation.

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Las Nubes

Las Nubes is a project of the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) and supported by the Fisher Fund for Neotropical Conservation. It supports the protection of the biological, ecological and social values of the Las Nubes Biological Reserve and adjacent area in southern Costa Rica. Students can get involved by joining the Las Nubes Student Association.

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Sustainable Fair Trade @ York Podcast

Hosted by Sabrina de Losada Casab, an International Development Studies student at York, the Sustainable Fair Trade @ York Podcast is a project funded by the Dean's Award for Research Excellence (DARE) awarded by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS).

Are the products we buy produced in a sustainable manner? Are the people involved in their production treated fairly and paid a living wage?

The Sustainable Fair Trade @ York Podcast will take you into the depths of social and environmental justice through the voices and perspectives of our guests, who are all part of the global fair trade movement. Let’s delve into the realms of social and environmental justice, taking you on a transformative journey through the global fair trade movement.

Join us as we navigate through these intricate issues and shed light on the historical patterns of inequalities deeply embedded within our global trading system. We'll explore the fascinating stories and perspectives of our guests, who are all integral parts of the fair trade movement. Together, we'll uncover how individuals, communities, and York University are making a difference and planting the seeds of change for a more just and sustainable future.

Get ready to embark on this insightful journey of discovery, understanding, and action.

Fair Trade Sustainability Pillars


  • Fair Trade Price Minimum
  • Fair Trade Premium
  • Living Income


  • Climate Change
  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity


  • Democratic decision-making
  • Gender Equity
  • Workers' Rights

All about Fair Trade

What is Fair Trade and Sustainability?

Sustainability is about more than the environment, in the same way that Fair Trade is about more than just fair prices. They're both about people, and meeting their needs without compromising the needs of people in the future.

Source: Fairtrade Canada

Sustainable Trade for Sustainable Development

Fair Trade has a crucial role in sustainable development. Nearly all the 169 targets which underpin the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are somehow related to food and farming. Fair Trade focuses on eight SDGs where we can really make a difference.

Source: Fairtrade Canada

The Benefits of Fair Trade

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