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Well-being Strategy Structure

As the strategy begins to take shape, our Project Sponsors, Executive Committee and advisory groups will work together to establish well-being benchmarks and leverage evidence-based tools to inform future priorities.

Well-being Project Sponsors

The Project Sponsors are senior-level contributors to the Well-being Strategy. They represent students, staff and faculty/instructors, and make decisions based on the needs of these diverse groups in the York community.

Nona Robinson, Vice Provost of Students

Sheila Cote-Meek, Vice-President Equity, People & Culture

Well-being Advisory Groups

Advisory groups will be called upon when appropriate for consultation throughout all phases of the Well-being Strategy. Their involvement will ensure the Strategy remains inclusive.

  • Indigenous Council at York
  • Senior Executive Officer
  • Employee Union Groups
  • Student Well-being Advisory Team
  • Confidential Professional & Managerial Employee Association
  • Human Resources & Labour Relations
  • York Alumni
  • Dean's Offices & College Heads
  • Research & Innovation at York
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada (External)

The groups listed here are not exhaustive. Throughout this process, others will also be pulled in to contribute to our Well-being Strategy. Check back for updates.

Well-being Executive Committee

The Well-being Strategy work is being driven by a Well-being Executive Committee comprised of members from various areas of the University who bring diverse perspectives about well-being needs across campus. The team is being led by three co-chairs to support a pan university approach.

Student Facing Co-Chair
Tina Ranta

Employee Facing Co-Chair
Humaira Pirooz

Faculty & Instructor Facing Co-Chair (on leave)
Jennine Rawana

Interim Faculty & Instructor Facing Co-Chair
Kathleen Fortune

Project Planning & Implementation Manager
Mujtaba Mirza

Special Projects Assistants
Jennifer Tran
Thais Chopra

Representative, York International Lens
Woo Kim

Representative, Past Well-being Working Group
Peter Mumford

Representative, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens
Christine Sinclair

Representative, Change Management Lens
Jennifer Sipos

Representative, Research Lens
Emma Yuen

Strategic Communications Representative
Vanessa Thompson