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Well-being Strategy Structure

As the strategy begins to take shape, our Project Sponsors, Executive Committee and advisory groups will work together to establish well-being benchmarks and leverage evidence-based tools to inform future priorities.

Well-being Project Sponsors

The Project Sponsors are senior-level contributors to the Well-being Strategy. They represent students, staff and faculty/instructors, and make decisions based on the needs of these diverse groups in the York community.

Nona Robinson, Vice Provost of Students

Laina Bay-Cheng, Vice-President Equity, People and Culture

Well-being Advisory Groups

Advisory groups will be called upon when appropriate for consultation throughout all phases of the Well-being Strategy. Their involvement will ensure the Strategy remains inclusive.

  • Indigenous Council at York
  • Senior Executive Officer
  • Employee Union Groups
  • Student Advisory on Well-being (SAW)
  • Confidential Professional & Managerial Employee Association
  • Human Resources & Labour Relations
  • York Alumni
  • Dean's Offices & College Heads
  • Research & Innovation at York
  • Mental Health Commission of Canada (External)

The groups listed here are not exhaustive. Throughout this process, others will also be pulled in to contribute to our Well-being Strategy. Check back for updates.

Well-being Executive Committee

The Well-being Strategy work is being driven by a Well-being Executive Committee comprised of members from various areas of the University who bring diverse perspectives about well-being needs across campus. The team is being led by three co-chairs to support a pan university approach.

Student Facing Co-Chair
Tina Ranta

Employee Facing Co-Chair
Humaira Pirooz

Well-being Program Manager
Minnie Nemoto

Faculty & Instructor Facing Co-Chair
Jennine Rawana

Project Planning & Implementation Manager
Mujtaba Mirza

Project Assistant
Valeria Hernandez

Special Projects Assistants
Thais Chopra

Representative, York International Lens
Woo Kim

Representative, Athletics and Recreation Lens
Arthur McDonald

Representative, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens
Christine Sinclair

Representative, Change Management Lens
Jennifer Sipos

Representative, Research Lens
Emma Yuen

Strategic Communications Representative
Vanessa Thompson

Representative, Glendon Campus Lens
Marco Fiola

Representative, Markham Campus Lens 
Catherine Salole 

Representative, Indigenous Lens