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History of Well-being at York

York would like to thank the many staff, students, faculty, and instructors who dedicated their time and effort over the years to build the foundation for the Well-being Strategy’s future work. Thank you to all the community members who shared their experiences, voices and wisdom through consultations and engagements. Thank you to all the former and current project sponsors for their advocacy, leadership and support in making this work come to fruition. 

Mental Health Action Group & Steering Committee

The Mental Health Action Group & Steering Committee advocated for the belief that wellness is a necessity for learning and growth. For nearly a decade, they contributed to the promotion of an inclusive environment through a variety of education, training, support programs, and a Mental Health Strategy at York.

Teresa DuCroix (Co-Chair), Director, Health, Safety & Employee Well-Being
Jennine Rawana (Co-Chair), Head of Calumet College & Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health
Helen Lee (Co-Chair), Manager, Wellness & Health Promotion

Lisa Brown, Advisor, Education & Communications, Centre for Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion
Karen Traboulay, Communications Manager, Finance & Administration
Susan Seaby, Executive Director, Community Safety Department
Jennifer Myers, Executive Director, Athletics & Recreation
Deane Taylor, Personal Counsellor, Accessibility, Well-Being and Counselling Centre, Glendon College
Gillian McCullough, Associate Director, Athletics & Recreation
Gayle McFadden, Wellness Coordinator, York Federation of Students
Aminat Agibabu, Vice President, York Federation of Students
Vinitha Gengatharan, Executive Director, York International
Jodie Tavares, Executive Officer, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Christine Omuodo-Koussi, International Student Program Facilitator, York International

Jennifer Bolt, Adjunct Professor/Contract Faculty Member, Faculty of Education
Teresa DuCroix, Director, Health, Safety & Employee Well-being
Debbie Hansen, Executive Director, Community Support and Services
Helen Lee, Manager, Wellness & Health Promotion
Jennifer Myers, Executive Director, Athletics & Recreation
Catherine Salole, Senior Director, Student Success & Retention
Deane Taylor, Manager, Student Accessibility, Well-Being & Counselling Centre
Marc Wilchesky, Former Executive Director, Counselling & Disability Services
David Ip Yam, Project Director, Student Service Excellence