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Global Youth Video Competition Winners

Global Youth Video Competition Winners


Published on September 25, 2019

September 2019

Youth Climate Report, in partnership with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat and Television for the Environment, runs a program known as the Global Youth Video Competition. A call for entries is issued each year asking youth reporters around the world aged 18 to 30 to create three-minute videos under certain themes. The 2019 themes were:

1. Nature-based solutions for food and human health
2. Balancing use of land for people and ecosystems
3. Cities and local action to combat climate change

The top filmmaker in each category is flown to the host city of the COP conference that year to present their films and participate in the two-week conference.

2019 Winning Films

Category 1: Balancing Use of Land for People and Ecosystems

Winning Video: "Reserva: The Youth Land Trust" made by Callie Broaddus, USA

Category 2: Cities and Local Action to Combat Climate Change

Winning Video: "Ocean Alive" made by Raquel Gaião Silva, Portugal

Category 3: Nature-based Solutions for Food and Human Health

Winning Video: "What is Agroecology?" made by Rafael Forsetto and Kiane Assis, Brazil


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Mark Terry, Research Fellow, Documentary Film & Global Health Alum

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