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New Publication: Strengthening Non-State and Subnational Climate Action

New Publication: Strengthening Non-State and Subnational Climate Action


Published on December 11, 2020

On the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, Dahdaleh Institute Faculty Member Idil Boran, who leads the Synergies of Planetary Health Research Initiative,co-authored an opinion article in Global Policy with Harro Van Asselt, Sander Chan, Thomas Hale, Lukas Hermwille and Charles Roger.

Based on a research article by a larger group of co-authors, and forthcoming in the same journal in early 2021, this opinion article provides a summary evaluation of the progress of activities and efforts to mobilize non-state and subnational actors.

The authors highlight three areas requiring attention for strengthening actions by non-state and subnational actors in the next decade, underscoring the need to:

  • drive national implementation and ambition
  • enable subnational and non-state climate action in developing and emerging economies
  • broaden climate action and maximizing sustainable development synergies. 

Full opinion article.


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Idil Boran, Faculty Fellow, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

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