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The Materiality of Play: Early Childhood Education Research in Diffractive Dialogue with Dance as an Artistic Practice

Interest in play is experiencing a renaissance, with much been written in academic journals and discussed in professional and social media. Tatiana Zakharova, an emerging scholar pursuing her doctorate at Western University (London, Canada) is among those interested in play. With a background in design, Tatiana looks at materiality of play through the feminist practice […]

Streaming in Schooling

Our FESI webinar series for the 2020-2021 academic year wraps up with a dynamic, diverse panel that will explore streaming and educational pathways in Ontario schools. Systemic bias, racism, ableism, and deficit thinking results in the streaming and sorting of students based on perceived academic abilities. In particular, streaming greatly impacts students with intersecting oppressions, […]


BHER the Mic: A Creative Showcase by Dadaab Youth

In this session, come join Dadaab youth who will share multiple stories that will disrupt the danger of a single story. Using a various creative mediums to share their stories, Dadaab youth will address the theme of identity, belonging, and the meaning of home amidst the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.