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Community Placements

Reflecting on our commitment to experiential education and students' development of the competencies and skills that connect theory with the workplace and community engagement, our degree programs include opportunities for students to participate in community practicum.

  • In the Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Bachelor of Education (BEd), Technological Education, students complete a compulsory community practicum in their first year
  • In the Bachelor of Arts (Educational Studies) students complete two compulsory community placements
  • In the Master of Leadership and Community Engagement (MLCE), students complete two compulsory community placements
  • Students in the Graduate Program in Education have the option to complete an independent community placement

By participating in appropriate activities designed by community organizations, students gain insights into the kinds of learning and advocacy that contribute to the well-being of our society.

Current Students:

YEAR ONE Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Toronto Metropolitan University Cohort (BEd) – EDPR1000 and Community Practicum
ALL YEAR ONE BEd students will participate in a Community Practicum during the Academic Year. Students can search Community Practicum options and submit placement preferences (late) July. Please continue to check for updated information on specific dates for submitting preferences in the monthly newsletter.

Bachelor of Arts, Educational Studies (ED/EDST 3999)
Students enrolled in EDST 3999 will be provided information regarding the Experiential Education (EE) component of the course in July.

Placement Requirements

  • With adherence to provincial legislation, all students who are working with individuals in the vulnerable sector (e.g., children, youth, seniors) must have a completed, cleared, original copy of their Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening before entering their placement.
    • This document must be presented to the placement supervisor as required by each individual organization, either in advance of the placement or on the first day (specific to each organization's policies/procedures).
    • Students must confirm this process and complete requirements before they are welcome into a placement.