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Master of Education (MEd)

Application deadline: March 15, 2024

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Interested in developing your knowledge in the field of education through coursework and/or original research?

Completing a Master of Education (MEd) degree will help you to expand your skills, knowledge and experience.

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  • The completion of the Master of Education (MEd) degree program does not lead to teaching certification
  • Applicants to the Master of Education (MEd) degree program are not required to have a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to have an acceptable undergraduate degree with at least a B+ average. Applicants are also required to submit:

  1. Faculty of Graduate Studies admissions application form
  2. One official copy of transcripts of all post-secondary education
  3. Three letters of reference (preferably two should be from university faculty members; however, professional referees may be used if the applicant is unable to provide two references from university faculty members)
    • You will provide three names and email addresses of referees in your MyFile application, and referees will receive an automatic request for reference. They will have two weeks to complete the letter of recommendation online
  4. A résumé or curriculum vitae
  5. A statement of interest (minimum 500 words in length) outlining how graduate studies in education might serve the applicant's academic and/or professional interests, and what is of interest to the applicant in the graduate programme
  6. One sample of written work (e.g., a paper demonstrating how the applicant works with a body of literature or builds an argument; typically, the sample paper is from a university course completed within the past five years.)
    Note: If unable to provide a sample of written work, the applicant should provide an extended statement of interest not to exceed 1500 words.
  7. English language test score (if applicable)

Application files are assessed on the basis of the information contained within the file as a whole. Consideration is given to the combined profile of demonstrated academic standing, professional background and experience, potential to pursue and benefit from graduate studies, and compatibility of research interests between the applicant and the Graduate Programme in Education: Language, Culture and Teaching.

Please note:

  • It is an expectation that students attend all classes in their scheduled format (whether online, blended or in-person) in order to complete degree/diploma requirements.

Students who work full-time should register as part-time students.

Program Description

The program starts each September.

Students in the MEd degree select and complete one of the following options:

  1. A thesis and a minimum of 2 full-course equivalents (12.00 credits); or
  2. A major research project (MRP) and a minimum of 3 full-course equivalents (18.00 credits).
  3. Course work only: students must successfully complete a minimum of 4-full course equivalents (24.00 credits)

For all MEd degree options, students may take the equivalent of one full course (6.00 credits) outside their area of specialization (i.e., in other graduate programs at York University, or in a graduate program of another university), with prior written approval of the student's advisor and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The Graduate Program reserves the right to require additional course work up to one full-course on a case-by-case basis. Such requirements will be specified upon admission and can be taken through existing courses. Students will be required to complete such courses before the beginning of their second academic year of study.

Courses will be labelled with the format in the Course Offerings each year.

Theses & Research Projects

Thesis Proposal & Thesis Oral Examination
Under the guidance of a Supervisory Committee, the student makes a contribution to the knowledge of their area of specialization, embodying original, independent, applied scholarship. (This contribution may take the form of: research based on data collection and analysis; a comprehensive, critical review and analysis of the literature in a field; the development of a theoretical position; a critique of curriculum materials or of policies and practices in the field; or some combination of these formats).

For official regulations on the Thesis Proposal & Thesis Oral Examination, please consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies site for details.

Research Projects & Oral Evaluation
Under the guidance of a Supervisor and a Reader, the student completes a major research project (MRP) that is equal to a thesis in academic quality, but which may be more limited in scope and/or degree of originality. The MRP may take a variety of forms, such as: a critical review of the literature on a topic of interest; an essay that explores a theoretical position; a research study of either a qualitative or quantitative nature; or a curriculum or program development project. After the formal submission of the MRP proposal, an oral evaluation focuses on the context and implications of the work, and a formal submission of the MRP follows. For regulations on the MRP Proposal & MRP Oral Evaluation, please consult the Graduate Program in Education Guidebook for details.

Regulations & Registration

All newly-admitted and continuing graduate students at York University are responsible for being familiar with and registering and paying fees in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies and University policies, deadlines and procedures. By the act of registration, each student becomes bound by the policies and regulations of York University, including the Faculty in which the student is registered.

Both full-time and part-time study options are available. Students must maintain continuous registration, including payment of applicable (tuition) fees, in every fall, winter and summer term up to and including the term in which all requirements for their program of study are successfully completed, in accordance with Faculty and program regulations.

Students who fail to maintain continuous registration, including payment of applicable fees, will lose their status as full-time or part-time graduate students and will be withdrawn from their program of study. Students who have been withdrawn as a result of failure to observe registration requirements may petition for reinstatement.

There are three terms in an academic year: Fall, Winter, Summer. Full-time MEd students must be registered for a minimum of three terms before graduation; part-time MEd students a minimum of six terms before graduation. The time limit for completion of the MEd program is four years from a student's entry into the program. The maximum period of full-time study for MEd students cannot exceed six terms; after that the student's status changes to part-time.

Students who successfully complete a Master’s degree in less time than the program length will, prior to convocation, be responsible for payment of a balance of degree fee.