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Deadlines for submitting expense reports

All expense claims need to be submitted in a timely basis from the date the expense was actually incurred. Depending on the funding source the deadline could vary. Refer to the table below:

Fund 100 (Special Purpose)
Fund 200 (Operating)
Fund 300 (Ancillary)
Fund 400 (Internal research)
Fund 600 (Endowments)
Fund 700 (Capital)
 Within 14 days after travel, but no later than 6 months* after travel

Fund 500 (Sponsored research)
Fund 400 (PERs)
Expenses submitted on a PER for Sr. Scholar
 Within 14 days after travel, but no later that 15 months* after travel

In cases where a faculty member or librarian is on an approved leave or has exceptional circumstances meriting an extension of the deadline, expense claims can be submitted within 18 months of the expenditure with an explanation detailing the request for the time extension accompanying the submission. The 15 month deadline date does not apply in cases when the grant/contract dates are more restrictive.