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Visitor Expense Claims

York University often reimburses travel expenses incurred by external individuals (including visitors and guest of the University and exclude contract faculty, students and vendors) who conduct research or other business on its behalf.

Faculty and staff can prepare claims for external individuals in Concur.


  • principal investigators and department chairs can approve expense claims remotely, including on their smartphones;
  • hard copy receipts are not required as the external individuals can send electronic images of their receipts by email so that they can be attached in Concur, rather than sending original receipts by mail;
  • automated calculations;
  • faster processing
  • no lost claims

How to File a Claim

For information on how to file expense claims for external individuals using Concur, please review the Guide - Submitting Visitor & Guest Expense Claims in Concur (PDF).

A payment to a company, organization or association cannot be made using Concur but rather invoices should be issued to the University.