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Graduate Faculty

York University supports the City of Toronto's request to continue work at home arrangements until September. For more information, see the community update. Also, see York's Phased Return to Campus website.

Committee members will receive Ethics Review forms by email from graduate students, and must provide a digital signature on the PDF form or an accompanying email attachment stating “I have read and approved this submission.”

Graduate Program Assistants must submit received documentation to their Graduate Program Director by email. Approval is required either through a digital signature on the PDF form or an accompanying email attachment stating “I have read and approved this submission.” Graduate Program Assistants must then submit completed approval forms and relevant appendices to their appropriate Graduate Milestones & Progression Coordinator by email. Please contact the Graduate Milestones and Progression Coordinator by visiting our FGS Staff Directory.

Further information can be found on the Research Ethics page.

Please note that, subsequent to obtaining ethics approval, prior to commencing any research activities, researchers are advised to review the latest updates on research involving human participants at the Office of Research Ethics' Frequently Asked Question page.

Note: Graduate Students are asked to inform the appropriate Graduate Milestones and Progression Coordinator of any delay or hiatus in research by email. Required information includes the following: name, student number, graduate program, research ethics certificate number, research stop date, and the expected start date for research to resume. For more information on research ethics submissions, please visit the Office of Research Ethics’ Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please consult our comprehensive guide to scheduling Zoom defences (.pdf).

Please notify FGS of any upcoming defences that graduate students have requested to cancel, specifying relevant details including student name, number and defence date and time. Please contact the Graduate Milestones and Progression Coordinators to convey this information by visiting our FGS Staff Directory.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies supports Zoom as the only authorized cloud video conferencing tool to use for defences. Please arrange Zoom defences for both graduate students wishing to move scheduled defence dates online or for booking new online defence dates. Zoom information and resources can be found here: For assistance with this technology, contact the above staff.

Oral Exam Reports will need to be signed electronically upon the completion of a Zoom defence and submitted directly to your Graduate Milestones and Progression Coordinator. Please communicate in advance with the supervisor and members of the supervisory committee to facilitate the collection of electronic signatures. Please note that the “Revisions Approved Memorandum” can also be signed electronically and submitted to your Graduate Milestones and Progression Coordinator. Please find your Graduate Milestones and Progression Coordinator by visiting our FGS Staff Directory. Signatures can be collected over email, either through a digital signature on the PDF form, or an accompanying email attachment stating “I have read and approved this submission.”

In-person graduate comprehensive/qualifying examinations can no longer be administered until further notice. Programs need to create electronically mediated options (e.g., take-home, online via Zoom, blended format). Teaching Commons resources may be helpful in imagining possibilities as well as what is feasible with Moodle and Zoom for written and oral components, where applicable.

Programs may offer students the option to defer the in-person examination sitting until such time as the in-person cancellation ends; however, at this time there is no possibility of suggesting when that might be.

Please convey through your GPD, who will forward it to the FGS Dean, how your Program will adapt your comprehensive or qualifying examinations to non-in-person formats as soon as possible so that FGS can support your decisions, be able to identify where the strong challenges may be and facilitate future queries.

Instructors have the flexibility to offer an adjusted grading scheme to students by changing the number, kind and weight of assignments including tests and examinations. Note: This option does not apply to Osgoode Hall Law School.

Should you choose to make changes to the grading scheme, please ensure they are fair and do not disadvantage any student. Just a reminder:  students can continue with the original evaluation scheme if they choose to do so, even though this might mean a deferral of certain evaluation components beyond the end of the academic term.

Can a student opt for pass/fail after they see their grades?

Yes. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor when making the decision about pass/fail.

Note: Courses counted towards the BEd degree are not eligible for pass/fail but the other degree courses for students concurrently registered with Education may be eligible.

Can a student decide to cancel the pass/fail option when they find out their actual grade?

Yes. Students will be able to fill in a form requesting to revert back to the graded option on the student site. In the past, sometimes the Registrar’s Office works with the student who achieves a surprisingly good grade and will contact them to see if they still wish to have the pass applied.

Can a student who dropped the course be re-enrolled when they learn of the expanded pass/fail option?

The Registrar’s Office will re-enroll a student who dropped a course and asks to be added back in a 24 hour period.  In addition, in exceptional circumstances and on the recommendation of the professor/department, the student may be added back.  However, if there is an extended period between the drop and the request to be added back, students may have missed too much of the course to catch up

Some of my students opted for deferred exam in my course. Can students still opt for pass/fail?

Yes. Students must request the pass/fail option by the deadline. When their final grade is available to them, they will have the option to revert to the actual grade or remain on the pass/fail grading scheme.

How will the pass/fail option impact a student’s ability to continue in their program?

All students will be permitted to continue after this term. This includes programs with gateway courses that require a specific grade in order to continue in their program. Students are being encouraged to speak with their academic advisor to talk through how taking a pass/fail may affect their future plans (i.e. professional schools, graduate schools). Advising offices will work closely with the Registrar’s Office and students who may be negatively impacted by the use of a pass/fail to ensure minimal or no impact.

How will pass/fail grades be used in determining university awards?

The following will apply and is similar to how renewable awards are calculated for exchange students.

  1. Students enrolled in all full-year (Y) courses and take P/F option on all courses — must have met the required GPA requirement in FW18 (if applicable; won’t apply to 1st yr students) and receive a passing grade (P) on all FW19 courses
  2. Students who have final marks for F term courses and elected to take a P/F option on all or some Y and/or W term courses – must meet the required renewal GPA on all graded FW19 courses and receive a passing grade (P) on all other applicable courses
  3. First-year students who take all full-year (Y) courses and take P/F option on all courses – must receive a passing grade (P) on all courses (This is a new piece to the approach and would likely be very rare.)

More information is available in the Scholarships and Awards folder in AD Teams.

Information about external awards is TBD.

My student(s) has been found to have breached the academic honesty legislation.  Can they still opt for pass/fail?

Students who are penalized for a breach of academic honesty will be treated as follows:

If the penalty is that a student is to receive an ‘F’ for the course, the Pass/Fail option cannot be applied. The ‘F’ on the transcript is an ‘earned F’ and is used in the calculation of the GPA.

If the penalty is less than ‘F’ on the course, the student remains eligible to take advantage of the Pass/Fail option.

Will I be told that a student has opted for pass/fail?

Students make the request to the RO and instructors are not informed about the request. The way you grade students should not change.

Some students may ask their instructor for advice about how to make the decision to request a pass/fail.  This may include questions about their chance of getting a particular grade or advice about future plans for graduate studies, professional school or accreditation.  Some advice is on the student site.

Students are also being encouraged to speak with their academic advisor to talk through how taking a pass/fail may affect their future plans.

Does the student’s transcript have special comment about the pass/fail option?

No. The grade appears as a P or an F on the transcript.  There is no way to distinguish between a graded F and the pass/fail F.

Is the F in the pass/fail treated differently than an F for students who did not request the pass/fail option?

Yes. If a student has selected the pass/fail option and receives an F, then that is NOT included in the calculation of the overall GPA and will not count towards credits.  If a student gets an F and did not select pass/fail, then the F is included in the GPA calculation

It is understood that there may be some academic programming that cannot be moved online and/or instructors or students who cannot engage through electronic platforms. Instructors with accessibility concerns should approach their Associate Dean or Faculty Affairs so that accommodations can be developed.  Student Accessibility Services will be providing guidelines for instructors around accommodation and follow-up for students (please see the Teaching Commons website below).

To learn more, please read: Tips for Accessibility When Moving to Online Course Delivery (.docx)

Please consult the comprehensive resource site BOLDGoing Remote for support with remote teaching.

Teaching Commons @ York has curated resources and contact information to support course directors in ensuring continuity of courses and to support faculty and students to complete the term. Please refer to the Course Continuity page for more information.

Moodle has been amended to include all instructor information. This negates the need for a request to create a course on Moodle and will facilitate setup for next week. Courses will appear on instructor dashboards along with all of someone’s existing courses. Instructions can be found on UIT's eClass support pages.

Other information which might be helpful:

Please reach out to us or your Faculty support colleagues with any questions you may have. Learning Technology Service can be reached at

Teaching Commons — Course Continuity — An overview of teaching tips and resources covering a variety of delivery methods and modes of assessment.

Learning Technology Services — Moving Courses Online — Instructions for course delivery using Moodle, holding office hours over Zoom, etc.

LA&PS — Going Digital — Resources addressing delivering virtual lectures, communication with students off-campus, and engaging students in virtual participation.

Lassonde — Teaching Anywhere — Key ideas to consider when transitioning to online delivery.

Zoom @ YorkU — Overview of York’s cloud video conferencing tool to conduct online learning and meetings.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Working Remotely — Steps to ensure cyber security while working from home.

Health, Safety and Well-Being Resources — Working from Home — Ergonomics resources.

Key Contacts

Graduate Studies Considerations

Let us know about particular concerns or questions that arise as distinct to your disciplines and field. Please contact the Associate Director, Graduate Student Affairs by visiting our FGS Staff Directory.

External Links and Resources shared by the Teaching Commons

Collectively guided by the Senate legislation in determining appropriate remedial actions during a disruption, it is the decision of Senate Executive that effective for the Summer 2021 term and for the duration of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that:

  • any form of technology-enabled invigilation (also known as “online proctoring”) by instructors, which includes the use of proctoring software or video conferencing software, such as Zoom, used for proctoring purposes, not be used except in exceptional circumstances; and
  • authorization for the use of online proctoring in exceptional circumstances is required by the Dean / Principal of the Faculty / School / College in question and the Vice-Provost Academic.

The Teaching Commons and Learning Technology Services offer “virtual” one-on-one consultation meetings with instructors to directly support them in adopting alternative methods of assessment and adapting their curriculum to support a high-quality, online learning experience for students. One-on-one consultations with course directors with expertise in online delivery is another resource that can be facilitated for faculty seeking greater facility with the use of the technology.

For more information, please visit the Secretariat website.

York University Bookstore continues to offer services, including receiving and shipping orders online. 

Course Materials orders can be submitted to the bookstore buyers by email, by phone or through the online ordering system accessed through the Faculty & Staff link available on the York University Bookstore website. For an online ordering password, faculty and staff can email The Bookstore pages are updated to assist faculty and staff, including a list of subjects bought by buyers. If you require an ordering toolkit please email Michael Legris at

York University Course Kit Centre is located at 043 Central Square. Please call 416.736.2100 ext. 20203 or 40727 or email for more information or to get your order started.