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Jennifer Steele


Research interests

Dr. Steele's current research aims to increase our understanding of the development and consequences of intergroup bias, with a particular focus on implicit racial bias and gender stereotyping among school-aged children and adolescents. One overarching goal of our research is to better understand how we can challenge racial and gender biases, as well as biases at the intersection of multiple identities, early in development and across the lifespan. Dr. Steele has ongoing collaborations with the Engendering Success in STEM consortium and Project Implicit. For more information, please see her IPSC lab website.

Contact information

Department: Psychology
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Select publications

Steele, J. R., Lee, J. J., & Baron, A. S. (2021). Engendering success in politics: A pipeline problem requires a pipeline solution. Psychological Inquiry, 32(2), 131-136.

Gonzalez, A.M., Steele, J.R., Chan, E., Lim, S., & Baron, A.S. (2021). Developmental differences in the malleability of implicit racial bias. Developmental Psychology, 57(1), 102-113.

Lipman, C., Williams, A., Kawakami, K., & Steele, J. R.(2021). Children’s spontaneous associations with targets who differ by race and emotional expression. Developmental Psychology, 57(7), 1094–1110.

Williams, A. & Steele, J.R.(2019). Examining children’s implicit racial attitudes using exemplar and category-based measures. Child Development, 90, e322–e338.

Steele, J. R., George, M., Williams, A., & Tay, E. (2018). A cross-cultural investigation of minority and non-White majority children’s implicit attitudes towards racial outgroups. Developmental Science, 21(6), 1-12.