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Student Awards in Anthropology

Student Awards in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology is raising funds to establish two major awards in support of Indigenous and Black students: the ‘Founders” awards. The initiative for the Founders awards emerged from within the 

Department and named in honour of senior retired scholars—our Founders. In addition, we are also re-initiating a student achievement prize named in honour of three treasured past staff members in the department. Here is a little more information about these awards: 

The Founders Entrance Fellowship for Graduate Students in Anthropology will be a recruitment scholarship for an incoming MA or PhD student who self-identifies as Indigenous or Black.  

The Founders Recognition Scholarship for Undergraduate Anthropology Students will be awarded to an upper-level undergraduate student who self-identifies as Indigenous or Black and has a high GPA.  

The Nicol, Vince & Wensley Prize in Anthropology is awarded to Anthropology majors with the highest GPAs in the second, third and fourth years of the program respectively.  

Currently we have raised over $60,000—over halfway to our target. Help us raise funds.