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CRED Auto Draft 28c5e27fd482cc6f16b865a31416f053

CRED Auto Draft 28c5e27fd482cc6f16b865a31416f053


Year of inception: 2022
Brand name: Beam
Address: 1216-44 Dunfield Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada
Postal code: M4S2H2
Business category: General Contractor

Primary Contact Details
Name: Kevin Klayman
Phone: 416-473-2484
Identifier: SE

Company Description​

Beam is a non-profit corporation offering general contracting and energy efficiency building retrofit services.  We proudly offer these services to a range of customers in the community, including multi-residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and public institutions. We are dedicated in providing exceptional environmentally responsible service, at competitive pricing, while at the same time providing our customers long-term savings. 

Community & Social Impact

Beam is the first Employment Social Enterprise in the Jane Finch community. Its mission is to assist racialized multi-barrier Jane Finch youth to overcome barriers to mainstream employment. Youth with barriers to employment will acquire the necessary skills, and be provided with the necessary support, to allow them to find and retain quality and stable employment in a growing industry.

Specifically, Beam provides:

1. Paid employer-developed skills training curriculum in the growing fields of energy efficiency retrofits and green technology;

2. The development of transferable business skills and employer recognized “soft skills” ;

3. Wraparound support to overcome barriers to mainstream employment; and

4. Links to stable and quality employment opportunities in a field of rapidly growing employment.