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Non-PO Invoice Exemptions

The following internally initiated payments would still require a digital payment requisition form to be filled and sent to Accounts Payable via the email

If there is any internal payments that you are processing which is not listed here and you are unsure how to proceed, email Accounts Payable at

  • Settlements
  • Awards/Prizes to non-students/organizations
  • Retiring Allowances
  • Statutory Payroll Payments
  • Institutional Advances
  • Payments to Non-residents
  • Student Refunds (no longer on Student System)
  • Course refunds (non-student, non-credit courses)
  • Sponsorships

Payments related to the following departments/categories are also exempt:

  • Bookstore
  • Pension Investments
  • Office of Counsel (Legal)
  • Treasury
  • University Information Technology (UIT)
  • Libraries collection
  • Payment plus
  • Electronic invoices
  • Maximo
  • Payroll

International payments to vendors and individuals not resident in Canada or US would also follow the usual process and would require the request for wire form to be filled.

Invoices for purchases made with PCard would follow the usual process; vendors should send these invoices directly to the purchasers and purchasers are to keep these invoices for reconciliation with the PCard statement.