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Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order process

Where a vendor requires a Purchase Order, or a Purchase Order is required by the University based on dollar threshold, Purchase Orders can be generated through submitting a Non-Catalogue Purchasing Requisition through Sm@rtBuy.

Please note that a Wire To Foreign Country Form must be submitted for payment to a vendor outside Canada or the United States.

What is the Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order process?

The Purchase Order to Purchase Requisition (PRPO) process is the process in which Purchase Requisition flows through the approval process to generate a Purchase Order, and in turn allow the shopper to purchase goods or services.

  1. Purchasing Requisitions are created through Sm@rtBuy
  2. The Purchasing Requisition is workflowed through Sm@rtBuy based on the Signing Authority Register (SAR) for the given cost centre
  3. Once the process is complete, a Purchase Order is generated
  4. The good or service is able to be purchased from the indicated supplier or vendor
  5. The receipt of the good or service is confirmed, and the supplier or vendor is paid


Instruction Guides

To help users understand the the new PRPO process, a series of Job Aids (user guides) have been created:

Job Aid - From Creation to Submission for Approval (PDF)

Job Aid - Review and Approval (PDF)

Video Guides

A series of videos have been recorded to help users with step-by-step guides.

Please note that you will need to sign in with your Passport York credentials to access these videos.

Follow along with the Job Aids: These videos provide the same instructions as the Job Aids, just in a video format.


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Direct Deposit

The preferred method of payment is direct deposit, and if possible, would as the vendor to complete an application for vendor direct deposit banking form.